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Top 5 Traits of a Great Caregiver


There are times we find ourselves unintentionally taking on the caregiver role when a friend or relative has fallen ill, a life-threatening accident has occurred or your loved one has reached a stage in life where they no longer can take care of themselves.

Studies show that the following characteristics outlined in this article are traits of a great caregiver. One may not be born with such traits, however, they can serve as a guide when needing to provide care for a patient or loved one when needed while knowing how to avoid the overwhelming feeling of caregiver burnout.

  1. Patience.
    Patience is not something we are born with. When situations arise that are out of our control, we usually find it difficult to maintain our composure as we may feel the need to be in control. You can expect that most of the time, in caregiving situations, things may not go as planned. Having patience and staying calm will allow you to take care of situations as they occur rather than add to it.
  2. Flexibility.
    Caring for an individual with a chronic health condition, for instance, may be more difficult when trying to establish a solid routine. It is important that when a patient’s health status changes, that you are adapting to those changes. As a caregiver, the care routines you implement have to be structured around the specific circumstance the patient is in; and if that changes, you must be willing to make those changes as well.
  3. Ask for help when needed.
    Caring for someone tends to stretch you beyond your limits. There are times when you think you’ll be able to handle things on your own, but your body or mind may not allow it. Becoming a good caregiver means that you have to accept the fact that help is sometimes needed in order to get the job done and provide an excellent level of care.
  4. Reliability.
    Someone you love is relying on you, and you need to be absolutely sure that you don’t let them down. Patients put their trust into knowing that you will be there for them at every appointment, to remember important engagements or fun activities, to ensure they are taking their medication and all other tasks that encompass the patient’s health.
  5. Compassion.
    A great caregiver should understand what their loved one is going through and communicate that understanding back to them. That is what being compassionate is about. It means having empathy and understanding that the people you’re caring for are going through an incredibly tough time. This should influence the way you handle situations, being mindful about which approach to take when engaging in conversation and being careful not to ask questions, use words or phrases that may offend or hurt the patient’s feelings.

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Can you identify what you believe are other valuable characteristics a good caregiver should have? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

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