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Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs Home Care Assistance


The more time that we spend time with our loved one, the more that we tend not to notice how the aging years have crept up on us. Especially when our personal lives have been fully occupied by our career, children, and other concerns that we face day to day, it catches us by surprise at how the years have caught up with our parents.

Are you at this stage in your life? We understand that having elderly parents can be a major concern for the adult children. However, there are highly qualified Caregivers in the Bay Area who are ready to step in to provide care and assistance to your elderly loved ones in their homes.
How would you know that your aging mom and dad will need some assistance at home? Look out for these 5 signs that may be a cause for concern: 

  1. Forgetting to Take Medication
    Our loved ones’ medications are very important for their treatment and long-term care. When they are unable to take their medication as prescribed or scheduled, their health can start to decline as a result. A few signs that your aging parent(s) are forgetting their medication include: getting sick easily and more often, complaints of pain has increased, or the obvious, you check their pill box and the medication that you have organized for the day has not been touched. With non-medical home care providers to assist them in with medication reminders, you can rest assured that your loved one will follow a scheduled routine to manage their everyday health.
  2. Drastic Weight Loss
    When you’ve noticed your loved one drastically losing weight, you know that this is cause for concern and immediate attention. Drastic weight loss may be the cause of not eating well or suffering from a physical ailment that needs medical attention. Maintaining a healthy weight and balanced diet is key to maintaining good health in seniors. When this area starts to deteriorate it is a sign that assistance in the home is needed.
  3. Unattended Dishes or Laundry
    Dishes and laundry may be simple every day chores for you, but your aging loved one may find it difficult to finish due to physical limitations or lack of strength. These chores have to be tended to immediately as these can invite bacteria and infection which may cause the immune system to weaken and further illness may arise. When these scenarios appear at home, your loved one may benefit from the assistance of a caregiver.
  4. Spoiled Food
    Foods that are left uneaten or spoiled means that either your loved one lacked the appetite or they’re too sick to eat. Regardless of their reasons, healthy eating is vital to their aging body. When there are plenty of unfinished foods in their home, you’ll know that mom or dad does need help.
  5. Poorly Maintained Hygiene
    The aging person’s hygiene is their first line of health defense, hence, the better they can maintain their hygiene, the farther they are from infection or health complications. When they haven’t been washing or bathing well, getting someone to assist them becomes a priority. Having a caregiver in the home to assist with bathing and grooming will boost personal hygiene practices as well as eliminate the worry of slips and falls in the bathroom and around the home.

With our Home Care Services throughout the Bay Area, you can have the peace of mind that your aging parents are doing well in the comforts and safety of their home. If you observe any of these signs it is time to get the assistance that your loved one needs. Our team at Aveida Home Care is available 24/7 to work with your family.
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