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5 Ways You Can Protect a Loved One from Falls

5 Ways You Can Protect a Loved One from Falls

Are falls really a threat to health? A lot of people might think it isn’t. Besides, anyone can just stand right back up after you fall, right? Well, that isn’t always the case.

As you get older, your body’s physiology begins to change. Your muscles and bones are no longer as strong as when you were younger. Your reflexes, sense of balance, and mobility begin to get more limited too.

Now, if you pair these circumstances together, they make minor falls dangerous. Even a small impact can give rise to serious injuries for a senior loved one.

Luckily for you, falls can be easily avoided. Below, Aveida Home Care, a provider of Home Care in Oakland, California, has listed down a couple of fall safety tips you can use. We wrote this blog post in honor of Falls Prevention Awareness Day, on the 22nd of September!

In order to keep a loved one safe from falls, you should:

  1. Get them checked by a doctor regularly.

    It’s important to begin a fall prevention plan with the advice of a doctor. They can help keep any medical conditions in check. At the same time, they can also suggest the use of assistive devices for added mobility.

  2. Encourage them to exercise daily.

    Physical activity is a must. As long as their physician recommends it, seniors can do gentler exercises such as:

    These activities don’t put a lot of strain on the body. It helps an older loved one improve their:

    • Muscle strength
    • Gait
    • Balance
    • Flexibility
  3. Give them well-fitted shoes.

    A change in footwear alone can bring a significant effect. As much as you can, prevent your loved one from using high heels, shoes with slick soles, or floppy slippers. Instead, give them footwear that has a snug fit and non-skid soles. For added benefit, you can also look into shoes that help reduce joint pain.

  4. Help them keep their home hazard-free.

    Take a look around your loved one’s home. Are there items on the floor that can be easily tripped on? You can remove fall hazards when you:

    • Keep the floors free from clutter.
    • Add extra lighting in dim rooms.
    • Install handrails or grab bars by the toilet, bedroom, and stairway.
  5. Let them have mobility assistance.

    Assistive devices can help. Yet, there’s nothing more reliable than having another person help you out. If your family members are busy with their personal tasks, call us. We have Caregivers in California that are ready to help.

Of course, that’s not the only thing caregivers can provide either. With our service, your loved one will not only be safer from falls and other related hazards. They will get to enjoy companionship and a better quality of life too.

Talk to one of our representatives to know more of your options. Don’t forget to share this post with the rest of the family!

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